East Asia (GCU students only)

Applications are only open to students from Grand Canyon University, thanks!

Come reach students in East Asia with us. This Summer Mission offers you an opportunity to engage in spiritual conversations with university students who grow up in a society that teaches Atheism in schools, and where most have never heard the truth about Jesus. Like all university students around the world, they are looking for answers to the big questions of life. And now these students are showing interest in the Gospel like never before.

On this mission trip we will spend part of each day studying the language and the remainder making friendships with students there.   During the summer you will look for opportunities within those friendships to share Christ with those friends who are interested. The mere fact of being an American will draw students to us and it is not a bit uncommon for them to ask “Can I be your friend?” The conversations are plentiful; it is the workers that are few.

The summer will be full of making new friends, experiencing a new culture and learning about God’s heart for East Asia and the world.  It is sure to be an experience that will change your life and grow your relationship with God. Take advantage of one of your only free summers and invest in changing eternity for students who are hungry for the gospel.

(The support goal will be determined by November 1st. It may be a little lower or higher than our average mission cost of $3900).

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