Spain: Lifelines Camino Expedition


Lifelines, the outdoors ministry of Cru, is leading a 3 week adventure to Spain! We will participate in the amazing pilgrimage tradition of the Camino de Santiago hike. 

We will journey 99 miles through the beautiful countryside of Northwestern Spain. We will walk an average of 14 miles a day over 7 days winding our way through breathtaking landscapes that will take us back to the medieval Spain of folklore. We will walk together, eat together, share our faith journey with each other and other hikers and we will camp in tents for the week.  

The second week will be spent in a little village in Northwestern Spain that is much like the shire from Lord Of The Rings.  We will stay in an old-world yet updated farm house in Ligonde which is right on the path for the hikers. This house provides a place of rest along the journey for many hikers. We will serve and share our faith journey with those who walk by the house each day and at night we will provide a hot meal and a bed for up to 12 hikers. This is an amazing opportunity to share the gospel with hundreds of people from all over the world who stay with us during that week.  

The Camino de Santiago (or The Way of St James) is a collection of ancient pilgrimage routes that wind their way throughout Europe, all of them converging on Santiago de Compostela, an enchanting town in northwestern Spain. For more than 1000 years, pilgrims have traveled the many routes of the Camino de Santiago. Today it is the only long-distance footpath to receive United Nations recognition. And it has been awarded World Heritage status because of its historical and spiritual significance.  Countless millions have walked this path in search of deeper meaning for their lives.

Come spend 3 weeks of your summer on this epic journey in Northwest Spain. You will grow in sharing your faith in word and deeds in ways that you will be able to take back to campus. You will also grow in leadership and character as we experience Lifelines programs along the Camino hike.

The third week will be split between Madrid and Santiago as we will fly in and out of Madrid.

Join us on this adventure of a lifetime as you experience the amazing country of Spain and grow in your realtionship with God and others.  

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