Inner City: Seattle

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation with gorgeous scenery and a pioneering spirit. Well known companies like Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft and Boeing create a thriving economy and people are moving to the city in droves to take advantage of this tech boom.  

Unfortunately, not everyone is feeling the positive effects of this economic prosperity. Like most cities, Seattle is experiencing a rapid rate of gentrification as rent continues to skyrocket. The poor often find it difficult to afford living in such an expensive environment. Historically, Seattle was founded on the idea of making money, often by exploiting others and that trend continues to this day.  

Seattle is also one of the most unchurched cities in the nation meaning that very few people identify themselves as Christians or are part of Christian communities.

Through all of the issues Seattle faces: addiction, homelessness, human trafficking, and poverty, the local urban church stands strong in their faith. Local churches and ministries work tirelessly to bring hope to the city. You can be a part of helping bring hope and light to Seattle!

The Training

Be prepared to grow in a number of different ways this summer. You will gain experience in evangelism, cross-cultural ministry, and in ministry to the poor. You will have time to hear from seasoned urban pastors and missionaries on a variety of topics such as social justice and racial unity. You will also spend time learning about the Spirit-filled life, how to share your testimony with others, and  how to live an abundant life. You will spend time each week in a small group of peers and also have the opportunity to be discipled one-on-one by a staff member. We will also help you know how to take back what you learn to your campus or community. 

You will have the opportunity to share your faith each week in a variety of settings. Many of the ministries will focus on youth and helping to raise up a new generation of godly young leaders. During the evenings we will also have trainings and small groups that focus on issues like social justice, racial reconciliation, God's love for the poor, cross cultural understanding, effective evangelism strategies, leadership development, and gaining a deeper passion for the Gospel. We will have many creative urban outreaches and worship at various urban churches on the weekends.You’ll also have plenty of time to have fun exploring the city of Seattle!

Seattle Summer Mission is a great mixture of cross-cultural ministry, social justice, evangelism, discipleship, and amazing community!  

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