Inner City: New York




The City:

 One out of every fifteen people in America lives in the NYC metro area. Although it is huge, it is also a city of small neighborhoods ... The Village, Bushwick, Tribeca, Astoria, and hundreds of others! Each has its own unique personality and vibe. And each is only a walk, subway or bus ride away.

New Yorkers speak over 170 languages. They come from all over the world and make an impact throughout the entire world. When you come to NYC, you can reach the nations without ever having a passport.

New York City is undeniably the leader in finance, art, politics and business. Think Wall Street, the United Nations, Park Avenue, Broadway/Times Square. 

Behind all glitter is a city steeped in poverty and immense need. New Yorkers have all been through great tragedy, but they are survivors! 


The Project:

  Check out a video from last summer!                                                                                                                          Cut and paste this link in your browser:

 Project participants will work in teams to serve a different urban church or ministry each week.

Many weeks they will work with youth or teenagers, but sometimes with the adults or the homeless.

 Teams will teach, mentor, play sports, organize outreaches, clean ... and just plain serve those who really need help and the love of Christ. But the heart of what we want to do is share the love of Christ with those all around us! We will have an evangelism emphasis to share our faith wherever we go!

You will also be a part of leading, mentoring and training high school students to do ministry alongside of you in a short high school mission. This was truly a highlight last summer for both the college students and high school students. Youth are like wet cement. They are just waiting for someone to shape them into the people they will be. Will you be part of shaping them for the good?


We will be staying at a wonderful church located in Bushwick, in the heart of Brooklyn. The neighborhood has over 130,000 people from all over the world, 32% of which fall under the poverty line. But it is also a neighborhood in transition, with the "hipster" influences seen in such things as neighborhood coffee houses (with the best coffee ever) and eclectic stores. 

 For years, this church has had a great relationship with this needy community, actively showing the love of Christ in tangible ways. This project will be actively involved in the life and outreach of the church.

There will be a great atmosphere for creating unified teams. The church, formerly a warehouse, has been converted into housing for mission groups.  There is one floor for women and one for the guys. Each floor has several comfortable bunk beds and nice bathroom with showers. It is clean and has a laundromat just one block away. The church has a gym for basketball. We will have access to a good-sized kitchen to prepare some of our meals.

You will really get a feel for what it is like to live in NYC.


Our project will include a leadership track where project participants will grow spiritually and learn principles of ministry that they can take back to their campuses. We will focus on teamwork and team building.

You will learn how to share your faith. The best training for evangelism is to become immersed in it, and there’s no place better than NYC for that to happen!  You will learn how to do ministry in a multi-cultural, inner-city context. You will learn about God’s heart for the poor and some of the issues of poverty. You can glean from inner-city pastors and ministry leaders who have years of experience.

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