Central Asia (KY, TN) - 2 Week Trek

Unable to join us for the entire summer mission? 

How about joining us for two weeks?

God can do a lot in two weeks!

Come join us! 



The noon day call to prayer echoes throughout the city.  The bus driver lets the long notes of the horn sound before leaving a long plume of black smoke as he departs one of the many bus stops.  The large park prepares for a cultural event, and the bazaar bustles with activity as people shop for everything from candy to shoes.  You can find American food, but why miss out on stuffed samsa (chicken or potato is the best!), lagman, or grilled shashlik! You walk past an old Soviet shopping mall even as men labor around you using out-dated hand tools as they look to modernize the city.

 You will fly halfway around the globe to arrive in a world that seems distinctly behind your fast-paced, constantly busy American culture.  You will meet people who are in no hurry and, have learned that no matter their position in life, hospitality is a must.  They will want to show you their world and desire you to experience as much of their culture as possible

 As part of a summer team, you will engage with college students who are very similar to you.  They want to improve their world, are making decisions about life, and want to spend time with the Americans who are new to their city.  You might host a conversational English class on campus, or meet them at a local cafe for tea (hot, not iced!) or ice cream.  You will have the ability to create social events where you can hear their story and share yours.   No matter the context, you will have extended time to ask of their spiritual experience and to share Christ with those who have never heard.  Join us to help reach Muslim students for Christ and show them the God of love and forgiveness!


Dates, details and cost are tentative and subject to change.

Please Note: All participants are REQUIRED to attend a briefing with the team. 

Upon acceptance, please be prepared to pay a $250 deposit within 48 hours to reserve your spot on the team.


For more information, email us


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