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This Cru summer mission is especially designed for undergrad students pursuing a career in the healthcare professions.  Pre-med, pre-dental, pre-nursing, and pre-allied health students are all welcome to apply.  

Please note that if you are officially enrolled in or accepted into medical school, nursing school, OT school, PA school, etc. you are eligible to apply to the Whole Person Care Preceptorship.

Many Christian healthcare students long to integrate their faith into their professional practice. National studies indicate that 60%-70% of patients want their health provider to address their spiritual needs. Yet most professionals do not know how to do this and health students are not taught. Spend 10 days during the summer learning to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of your future patients. 

Experienced Christian medical, nursing and allied health students will train you to care for the whole person - body, mind, and soul - in an ethical, caring, sensitive, professional, and non-coercive manner. You'll apply what you've learned by offering the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ to real patients and their family members in healthcare facility settiings.  Plus you'll have ample opportunity to hear from and interact with Christian physicians, nurses and other health professionals who daily integrate their faith into their patient care.

This summer mission will give you invaluable training and experience that will help clarify God's calling on your life and provide a unique experience that may enhance your application to medical or nursing school or various allied health school programs.

Plus there will be time to enjoy Southern California popular destinations such as beaches and attractions.

Please note that because of the frequent inteaction with patients and the professional nature of this mission, participants will be required to document completion of immunizations including varicella, Hepatitis B, tdap, and MMR.  Current TB clearance and a background check is also required.  These will be due several weeks prior to your arrival at the mission and info will be provided about obtaining/documenting these items.

***Mission cost includes all meals, lodging, local transportation, and materials.

This mission requires a separate application available here.  


*** Mission costs includes all meals, lodging, local transportation, and materials.


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