Acadia Lifelines Women's Expedition

Ladies, you are called to make a difference in the Kingdom of God and it begins now. You are set apart, gifted, purposely designed to be a light in the hand of the Lord. But there is a battle raging over your heart that will only be won by God's grace and your radical commitment to Him. 
Too often we settle for mediocrity, like blades gone dull or salt that has lost its saltiness. We snuggle into our "chosen" status and let Satan lull us to sleep. We must have a compelling vision of our future reward if we intend to run the race all the way to the finish line. I don't know about you, but I want to come into the Presence of God skidding to a stop and panting because I have run so hard! 
The Acadia Women's Project is a ten-day awakening to rekindle our passion and to conform our lives to more closely reflect the heart and character of God. All that we do will point us toward the Kingdom of Heaven. Expect intense relational, character, and leadership training.
What better place to experience a taste of the Heavenly realm than the beautiful and idyllic rocky coasts of Maine! You will kayak among seals and sailboats, hike with breathtaking views, rock climb the seaside walls of Otter Cliffs, and bike the carriage trails that wind through picturesque Acadia National Park, one of National Geographic's top ten most visited parks. Share the gospel with people from all over the globe in Bar Harbor, a quaint shopping village, home to yachts and lobster boats and a haven for foodies. This is our temporary training ground for an eternal impact.
Take a step of faith. Become a Kingdom Builder. Adventure with Christ awaits!

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