Nations Montana: Blackfeet Indian Reservation

Lying in the background of the Blackfeet Indian Reservation is the majestic Glacier National Park where this summer will be staged. Nations summer opportunities offer an experience of learning, ministry, and outdoor adventure! Your faith in God and understanding of Him will grow in this cross-cultural experience. You will be used by God in people’s lives and in their communities and more often than not those who participate come away being blessed!

You will be a part of a Nations team seeking to build meaningful relationships with those living on the reservation, participate in community events and service projects, and establish a trust that can bring lasting change and restoration through His gospel for years to come.

This will be a Montana experience where you will enjoy God’s character and beauty both in the land and the people. Enjoying God's creation is a high value for our time together!  We learn so much about God, ourselves and others in the context of the wildness of Montana!  We go on weekly hikes in the awesome and rugged Glacier National Park that is right in our backyard and if you have the courage you may even get to swim in Iceberg Lake!  We go on a weekend backpacking trip, enjoy a whitewater rafting adventure, and get to soak in the beauty of wildflowers, wildlife and wild landscape. 

You will actually live on a two thousand acre bison ranch.  Horseback riding, fishing, trailrunning are all blessings that God uses for us to know him more and enjoy one another better!

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