2018 Charleston Summer Mission

What would it look like for you to spend a summer in one the of the most influential and fastest growing cities in the south... Charleston, SC?    We promise it will be life-changing, exciting and transformational.  Our prayer is that this summer in a place of beauty and excitement we would truly know God and make him known.  

This summer you can do both….

We invite you to be a part of the Charleston Summer Mission, sponsored by Cru. Come and work for the summer in downtown Charleston. (We have a job ready for you in the food/tourism industry)  Spend your evenings and weekends focusing on growing intimacy in your walk with the Lord and be intentionally developed to have a personal ministry.  This will be a greenhouse to have the most amazing summer of your lifetime!

We’ll be staying in a hotel along the beautiful Ashley River on the peninsula, minutes away from the Battery and the Market, within walking distance to the downtown area. There is so much rich culture to visit in Charleston, including 3 great beaches and many historical gardens, plantations.  This will be the backdrop for you to understand how the goodness of a personal relationship with God will effect you to love people around you. 

As far as what you'll learn this summer, you'll learn the following:
- How to walk with God in every aspect of life.
- Spend consistent time with the Lord, study the Bible and learn to enjoy Jesus for who he is, not what he can do for you.
- How to live out and communicate your faith through your personal story, how to initiate spiritual conversations and relational evangelism. 
- How to lead a small group and also how to mentor younger Christians one-on-one.
- Gain a vision/heart for the world around you.
- Grow in practical theology to learn how to identify idols, grow in repentence, and enjoy freedom in Christ.

Mainly, you'll learn to enjoy Jesus for who he is and respond this summer to him in deeper ways.  Words can't describe what a life-changing summer you'll have.

Ministry Focus Includes:
-We will partner with local churches to share Christ with the community.
-We will do life amoung the university students working in downtown Charleston.
-We will work in the community and share Christ with our emplyers and co-workers.

Our heart is that you would be transformed by grace through faith in the gospel and your influence would grow as you love him more. 



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