Walt Disney World (SPRING SEMESTER Mission)

SPRING Semester Opportunity
This is NOT a Summer Missions Opportunity

A one of a kind opportunity for college students to spend a semester forever changing the world all from one place…Walt Disney World! Embark on a new semester-long adventure with Cru to see the gospel of Jesus forever change lives, communities, and countries around the world! Join us at Walt Disney World in building friendships with student interns from over 60 countries, launching spiritual movements that could span to cities and continents across the globe, all while gaining “real world” experience interning with the world’s premier customer service company on the Walt Disney World College Program. The Semester Mission is ideal for students desiring a level of leadership and ministry even beyond a Summer Mission. It’s like a semester-long STINT…right here in the US! Take a semester off from school, and come be a part of forever changing the world!

Students on the Semester Mission at Walt Disney World will be fully part of both the Cru Semester Mission AND the Walt Disney World College Program. Thus, students must be accepted by BOTH Cru and Disney.  Acceptance to the Semester Mission is contingent on being accepted by both Cru and Disney.

To apply for the Semester Mission at Walt Disney World, read the following instructions and then click on the link below. You will be directed to a special online application. While this opportunity is not a Summer Mission, we use the Summer Missions application to process applicants. On the online application, ONLY choose “Walt Disney World (SPRING SEMESTER Mission)” as your preference for your number one choice. Do not choose any other of the summer missions listed for the choices after the number one slot.

Acceptance to the Semester Mission is contingent on being accepted by both Cru and Disney.

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