Greece: Athens

Athens is simply gorgeous. This biblical and historic city overlooks the Aegean Sea in south eastern Europe and its buildings sprawl around the surrounding mountains. Greeks often talk in coffee shops for hours, playing card games or just passing time. In an upside-down European economy, Greek students worry if they'll ever have meaningful careers or even a decent job. Refugees from conflicts in the Middle-East find themselves in the same way. Jesus is the hope of Greece. 

But sadly, only 1 in 250 people truly have a personal relationship with Jesus, classifying Greece as one of the least-churched countries in the world. We want Athens' college students to treasure the gospel and restore hope to this beautiful country. This summer we'll be making friends and introducing students to Jesus on a couple of Athens' major campuses. We'll also have some time to serve the needs of a growing population of Middle Eastern refugees. Come help us reach these wonderful people. 

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