Epic Movement: East Asia B

This is an Epic Movement Summer Mission. Epic Movement is our campus movement that seeks to reach Asian American students by putting the gospel of Jesus Christ into a context that speaks to them so that they may have the opportunity to turn to Jesus and follow him in reaching their campuses, communities, and the world.

Students in East Asia are responding to the gospel in unprecedented numbers. They are highly relational and love to meet and become friends with Americans. This will be an experience you will never forget! Come join us in pioneering as we head out onto new and unread he'd campuses. We're praying for long-term laborer to be raised up to continue building movements on these campuses.

This project is open to all but will mostly be made up of Asian-American students involved with the Epic Movement. Project participants will take language classes during the week and develop relationships with East Asian students. During team meetings, we will also have the opportunity to process our growth and the Asian American identity and discuss   Our experience being in an Asian country as an Asian American. Plus, we will have plenty of opportunities to experience the fun and culture our city has to offer. 




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