South Asia (Gateway)

In a city where over half of the population lives in poverty and where thousands are entrapped in human trafficking lies an untapped group of influencers—college students. Join us as we trust God to reach some of the most influential college students in a prominent South Asian city, which is marked by tradition and injustice. If you step onto any campus in the Gateway city you would not find anything resembling a Christian ministry or movement of students who follow Jesus. Our hope for the summer is that God will use us to plant the seeds of future movements of college students who turn to Christ and lead others to follow Him. By reaching these university students, who are the future leaders and influencers, they can reach the rest of their country with the good news of Jesus Christ!

Quotes from last project: 

Alyssa says, "If there is one thing that being on Gateway this summer taught me, is that I can never love too much."

*Note: Dates and cost are approximate


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