Germany: Berlin (Great Lakes)

During a recent trip to Berlin, we asked a college student, "Do you know anyone who believes in God?"  She said without hesitation, "No I don't know anyone!  My parents were raised in East Berlin and they were not allowed to believe-- and so I have never heard anything about him."  Another student said, "I think the Bible is a book with a black cover, and that's all."  And still another asked, "Is Christmas the day that Jesus died?"

27 years ago communism and the Berlin Wall fell in Germany.  Today the population of Berlin is made up of people from over 190 nations!  1 out of every 7 Berliners is a foreigner.  Over 200,000 Turks call Berlin home.  It is the most influential city in all of Western Europe.  And who is bringing the good news to these people?  There are less than 3% of evangelicals in the city. 

Berlin is in great need of laborers!  In the entire country of Germany there are less than 15 German Campus Staff.  

Our project will work alongside our STINT team in Berlin reaching out to students on the largest campuses.  Our schedule will include personal and group time in God's Word and in prayer, cultural and ministry skill training, time on campus sharing the gospel, and time exploring this history rich city! 





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