Brazil: Florianopolis

We are currently accepting students for Brazil Summer Mission 2020. This summer we plan to spend 3 weeks in Florianópolis, Brazil strengthening movements there, and then we will spend our final two weeks in a new city in Brazil where we will help to launch an new Cru movement. We would love to have you join us!


Come experience the fun and laid back culture of Latin America!

Expect to have significant times of prayer, Bible study, ministry training, and fun learning a new culture with American students and staff on our mission. Most of our time will be spent meeting Brazilian students on campus and having conversations about spirituality and about Jesus Christ.


Here is some information about the first city we will be in, Florianópolis.


Location. Florianopolis, Brazil is a beautiful city located on an island off the southern coast of Brazil. The city has more than 1 million residents and the main university we are working at has a student population of approximately 33,000 students. Brazilians come from all over the country to Florianopolis for vacation, to experience the beautiful mountains and beaches. Florianopolis is one of the safest cities with an advanced infrastructure in Latin America.


Spiritual Climate. Like most of Latin America, one finds a Roman Catholic heritage in much of Brazil. That said, the youngest generations in Brazil are distancing themselves from their religious roots, exploring relativism, secularism, and even new age spirituality. Brazilians typically believe themselves to be a very spiritual people; many cult religions are finding Brazilians to be very receptive. Brazilians seem to be hungry for authentic spirituality. The large majority of Brazilians do believe in God and esteem Jesus highly as a religious figure, though the younger generations typically avoid being a part of “organized religion”. It is typically not socially incorrect to speak about religion as Brazilians love to talk about just about anything. Brazilians have so many of the puzzle pieces to having a relationship with God through Jesus Christ, but they need Christians to communicate and demonstrate the Gospel to them. 


Ministry Stage. Thus far Cru has sent six summer missions teams to Florianopolis.The movements in Florianópolis are growing rapidly. Our hope and prayer in this partnership has been that one day we can see a self-sufficient movement of Brazilian students reaching Brazilian students in Florianópolis. This is beginning to happen, and our trip this summer will be the last in Florainopolis! We will be helping to set up the ministry to continue growing in the future, and then for the second half of our trip we will go to a new city in Brazil and begin the process of starting another movement there.




*Dates and cost are approximate. 

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