New York City - Campus

The Urban Campus.

New York City has been called the “gorgeous mosaic”: home to an incredible diversity of cultures and ethnic groups. Its numerous colleges and universities only magnify this unique reality. Students come from every US state and every country. In one afternoon, you could meet someone from nearly every continent!​

An Unparalleled Oppurtunity...

In the midst of this diversity there is a great need for the gospel. NYC is home to over 1 million college students. Beyond the campus, less than 5 percent of NYC's 8 million residents consider themselves evangelical Christians. Would YOU come share the hope of Jesus Christ with them this summer?

Waiting for Sent Ones!

The NYC Campus Summer Mission will equip you to share your faith as you grow in your understanding and sensitivity to new cultures. You will deepen your relationship with God while getting to explore and experience the only city renowned as the capital of the world. Join us!

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