Middle East: West Asia (West Coast Schools)

The team put on a Christmas outreach in which 25 students attended. Five of whom indicated that they want to hear more about the gospel that had been shared that evening. One student in particular was a friend that the Summer team made.  After summer, he was seemingly uninterested in spirituality, but he had been consistently showing up to all of the outreach events. In a follow-up meeting with Peter*, he repeated back to the STINTers the exact gospel that he had been hearing since summer. “I want to be saved,” he finally said. The STINTers prayed with him right then and there to receive Jesus into his heart.


In this country where the early church once thrived, most have never heard about the life of Jesus Christ. Come and be a part of letting the students of this city hear about the Good News for the first time. You never know what God will do with your obedience and love towards the Middle East!

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