High School - Getaway Project

ROADTRIP! with 10 of you new best friends? What is Getaway Project? Its a 2 weeks on the road, fun, intense, life changing, late night Sonic, early morning Starbucks, falling asleep at the sound table, discipleship, evangelism, using your skills experience that will change your life. Only the brave or insane should apply. Is that you?

The project will produce and run the conference program and assist in operations at the Cru High School Getaway conferences in Myrtle Beach, SC, Estes Park, CO and Idaho. It will also include personal discipleship and evangelism when we’re not pushing buttons or focusing lenses.

A team of 10-12 college students with skills in video, PowerPoint, sound, stage production, conference services, photography, videography and computer/finance will form the team that will be led by several Cru High School staff. Prior skill, training or experience is recommended, but not absolutely necessary. Getaways are life changing events in high school student’s lives. You will have the opportunity to use your specific skills to reach and equip the students attending these conferences. Your impact will be widespread as students return to their schools, communities and families to apply what they have learned.

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