Milwaukee Inner City Summer Mission

This year the Milwaukee Inner City Summer Mission is a partnership between the Campus ministry, CruKids, and Cru Inner City.  Around the globe, cities are strategic places for the gospel to rapidly advance, but the city is a complex organism of many parts and great diversity.  In Milwaukee there is the urban core, the college campus, the business district, the parks, the beaches, the riverwalk, the arts scene, schools, and neighborhoods of distinct ethnicities.  Seldom at rest, glimpses of unity amidst great diversity can be seen as the city rallies enmass around key events such as the fourth of July and the many music festivals that swell with people throughout the summer (like Summerfest--the world's largest music festival).  Still, the city is greatly divided;  ethnic and socio-economic segregation is apparent and skepticism runs deep. Milwaukee is a broken city, yet the power of the gospel is at work changing lives and bringing about restoration.


This summer God is inviting you to come share His heart for the people of Milwaukee in this broken, but beautiful city.  Will you come?  We need compassionate, energetic, faith-filled people who are willing to live in the city and bring the message of Jesus in a bold and relevant way.  


The Milwaukee Inner City Summer Mission exists to provide students an opportunity to experience the city together with a team of Cru staff and students.  It is an opportunity to take steps of faith, learn about the unique issues and challenges of ministry in the city, and receive ministry training to be able to better talk with people from all walks of life about Jesus.  Each week of the summer 30-40 hours are spent serving or working on one of three distinct “tracks” of the city:  Inner City, Youth Development and Marketplace.  


Inner City Ministry Track (School Credit)

Milwaukee is one of the poorest cities in the nation with over 30 percent of children living below the poverty level.  The public high school graduation rate is below 70 percent, and reading proficiency of African-American eight graders in public schools hovers around 10%.  Milwaukee has one of the lowest labor force participation rates in the nation for African-American men and one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the country.  The statistics are stunning and the personal stories are heartbreaking.  


The Inner City track leans on the expertise and direction of Milwaukee’s Cru Inner City staff.  Participants in this track receive theological training on God’s heart for the poor and develop skills to communicate the gospel cross-culturally and across socio-economic barriers.  Participants work together as a team and reach out to children, families, and immigrants through a variety of inner-city outreach programs from partnering churches and ministries of Cru.


If you are interested in addressing issues of social justice from a Biblical perspective, then this may be the track for you!  All are welcome, especially those majoring in social service fields such as education, social work and sociology.  Many colleges/universities offer internship credit for students' involvement in opportunities such as this summer mission!  If you have questions about this track contact, Steve Papez at


Youth Development Ministry Track

Students on the Youth Development Track will spend the first weeks of summer mission working with Cru ministry partners who work primarily with children and youth.  From July 10-23, students will then work with CruKids providing childcare for Cru staff children attending Cru’s National Staff conference in Milwaukee.  These two weeks will be paid employment.  If you love working with children of all different ethnicities and socio-economic background and pointing them to Christ -- this is the track for you.  This is a fantastic opportunity for you if you are an Education or Child Development major, or just looking to sharpen your skills working with children.  If you have questions concerning this track contact Jeff Hoffman at


Marketplace Ministry Track 

Do you want to be involved in real life ministry in the city and need to earn some money this summer?  Check out the marketplace track.  As in any big city there are gobs of good summer employment opportunities -- restaurants, city parks, service businesses and retail shops are all looking for quality employees.  In addition, over the years we have been able to develop some great relationships with a handful of employers in the city who look forward to hosting our students each summer.  One of the strengths of this track is the real world experience you get in sharing your faith in the workplace with ethnic and socio-economically diverse groups of co-workers and getting paid while you do it!  If you have questions about this track contact Jeff or Sarah Hoffman at or


Where do you want to make an impact in the city for Jesus?   Do you have a heart for children, immigrants or people of a certain ethnicity?  Do you want to see how God might use you in an employment setting?  Are you looking for an opportunity to grow by coming alongside your peers and young adults?  The Milwaukee Inner City Summer Mission has it all!   Join Cru staff and students from all over the US this summer as we roll up our sleeves to get dirty, make lasting friendships, and take steps of faith to be used to make an eternal difference across the whole city!


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