Sweden: Uppsala

A Summer of Light

Travel north to a parallel even with Anchorage, Alaska to one of the most stable economies in the world, a land of affluence and peace for over 200 years. This land of rolling hills, lakes and forests is a great place to spend late spring (Summer in Sweden doesn’t start until July!) often being the first Christian a student has actually spoken with face to face! After almost 100 years of a long march towards a strong secularization, most Swedes assume agnosticism is the natural default worldview (about 85 percent are atheist/agnostic and 15 percent are Muslim). Recently the World Bank classified Sweden as the most “extreme” country in the world on their world values survey. 

The ministry in Sweden continues to expand to cities and universities throughout the country, but the role that a summer team can play is essential and tremendous. Uppsala University is 40 minutes north of the capital city of Stockholm. Key scientists, engineers, theologians, and now technologists have studied at this important university. In fact, Skype was developed here! Nearly 30 percent of the city is originally from outside of Sweden. The students of Uppsala will become leaders and influencers throughout Sweden and the world. Reaching these some 40,000 students with the gospel and simply stepping into a journey with them towards Christ has serious consequences for the world!
Swedish students, while secular and agnostic in their worldview, tend to be very interested in having conversations about life and Christ. In many cases, your conversation with them will be the first time they have really considered such things. 
Most of your time in the afternoons will be spent meeting students on campus initiating spiritual conversations. Swedes are generally open and curious to speak with Americans and explore these topics, so initiation can actually be really easy, even fun. Our desire is that you would be using your boldness in initiating conversations to develop true relationships with Swedes where you can continue the conversation about life and Christ. You most likely will have the opportunity to enjoy fika* with your new Swedish friends. In the evenings, you will enjoy time with your team at team dinners, large group meetings, men/women's times, and outreach events. Because the sun set around 10:30pm, it is a spring (summer for you) or eternal light and leaving will be tough!      

                                                                                 * a most important social institution which happens at several points during the day over coffee and something small to eat. 


Dates, details and cost are tentative and subject to change and will be finalized in early Spring.

Upon acceptance, please be prepared to pay a $150 deposit (it will go toward your support goal but is refundable if you raise over) within 72 hours to reserve your spot on the team. 

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