North Africa (VA, MD, DE, DC)

We have seen more people choose to follow Jesus in this country in the past 9 months (as of Dec. 2020), than in the previous 25 years combined! You can be a part of this amazing harvest this summer, here is what it would look like:

Imagine sitting at a cosmopolitan street-side cafe...

Other college students surround you in an exotic city in the Arab world.  You find it easy to slip into conversations about faith, as the call to prayer blares all around you. Over a cup of tea or coffee, it becomes clear that you're the first Christian they've ever talked to.

How did you meet them? Maybe you participated in a cultural exchange on their campus. Perhaps you initiated a conversation with them in a coffee shop, or joined a pickup basketball game. Some of your new friends will have responded to evangelistc ads online!

It's a summer about the breadth and depth of the Gospel - for you and your new friends! You will be reaching one of the darkest countries in the world, where less than 1% of the population know Jesus. And you will grow in ways you've never imagined as you rely on the Lord through prayer and steps of faith.

During this Summer Mission

For 2021, the trip will look different. Our hope is still to fly over and be in country! In addition to meeting with students and sharing the gospel, you'll receive training in cross-cultural ministry. You'll get to learn how to navigate a big city and even speak a little bit of Arabic! Our team will also have regular times of prayer and Bible study, and will try to do a small bit of sight-seeing.

But even if we can't go overseas, we WILL be reaching North Africans! We might go to a US city where immigrants from this country have settled. Or we may make our trip 100% digital, it all depends on COVID restrictions. We want you to be a part of our community on mission, reaching the darkest country in the world! Apply today, come with us, and watch Jesus use you to change eternity!


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