Hampton Beach, NH

There is a great need for laborers this summer. New Hampshire is one of the least-churched areas of our nation. During this 10-week experience, you’ll be employed in the community, building relationships with people who have never known a true Christ-follower. Cru staff will give you one-on-one discipleship and clear + practical ministry training that will teach you how to share your faith naturally in any situation. This experience will equip you for Spirit-filled conversations for the rest of your life! Bonuses are that you’ll make amazing friends, be welcomed eagerly by the local church families who will adopt you as their own, and share awesome experiences like road trips to Boston, exploring the White Mountains, and living your best life at the beach. Students who’ve attended Hampton Beach Summer Mission in the past have unanimously agreed that it was a challenge worth taking.

The HBSM leadership has taken into account the unique needs of Summer 2021 and are prioritizing safety and consideration while not neglecting the spiritual needs of the mission team and the local community. New Hampshire has remained a state with low Covid cases throughout the pandemic, and we aim to be a witness with both our words and our actions. We are building a team of 18-20 students who love Jesus, desire to grow both personally and in ministry, are ready to work with a team, and will respect leadership. At HBSM, everyone comes as a member, but leaves as a leader, and this summer will be no different in that regard! Are you ready to join an awesome community that will leave a legacy for God's glory? 

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