Virginia Beach

Beautiful beaches and miles of boardwalk make Virginia Beach a dynamic tourist destination and an incredible location for ministry. Live just two blocks from the beach and within walking distance to most job locations and ministry opportunities.

You will enter life-changing Biblical community, experience the power of Christ in the Gospel, embrace personal transformation, and engage in the mission of helping others know Jesus, all while having a blast on the oceanfront! Due to a diverse array of communities and cultures in Virginia Beach and the surrounding area, a large focus of the summer will be focused on growth in cultural competency and learning to think cross-culturally.

The city is also a popular destination for hundreds of International students coming to work during their summer breaks. You will be building relationships with these students, some as you walk along the beach and even some as your co-workers. Also, with three major Naval and Air bases close by, including Norfolk Naval Station, opportunities abound to connect with service mebers who are asking tough questions about life.

Come join over 20-30 other students and 20 Cru staff on this awesome evangelism and leadership mentoring Summer Mission.

Mission dates are set for non-quarter schools but we can be flexible with quarter students.

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