North Myrtle Beach

The North Myrtle Beach Summer Mission has a history going back more than 40 years. We are praying for highly motivated students who want to be on the cutting edge of faith in their relationship with Christ, and be developed as a leader. It will be a busy summer, but in balance with deep times of connecting with Jesus and growing in your faith. We place a high priority on building men and women of intergirty and faith by providing biblical teaching and training in evangelism and discipleship.

NMB is a popular destination for graduating high school seniors, making for very loud and engaging neighbors and we live among and talk to recent high school graduates in houses around us, people vactioning on the beach, international students working summer jobs, and so many more! As we live in community with each other, quality relationships are built, faith is solidified, and memories are made!

There is a wonderful church nearby that loves our team, and local employers save jobs for our students, providing an opportunity to make some cash and share your faith with your coworkers.

Come to NMB for a challenging and memorable summer!
If you have any questions please contact us!

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