Smoky Mountain Summer Mission

What if you gave God a whole summer? How could He change your life?

For the past 20 years, Jesus Christ has been meeting students on the Smoky Mountain Summer Mission. Why? Maybe it's spending evenings reading God's word along mountain streams in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Maybe it's the lifelong friendships that are formed during the summer. Maybe it's taking steps of faith to share the Gospel with the 1,000 international students working in Gatlinburg during the summer.

There's just something about these mountains...

If you like the outdoors, you’ll love this summer mission (the national park, walking and hiking trails, tubing down mountain rivers, fly-fishing, bear sightings, etc.) You’ll be able to walk to your job (local restaurants and shops or the resort park on top of the mountain) and to some of the churches we attend. Usually everyone has a job within about four days! You'll love the summer mission housing-vacation condos in downtown Gatlinburg. We focus on equipping you to share the gospel as a way of life — we think that’s why most students attend a summer mission in the first place. We usually have between 30-40 students, so it’s a close-knit summer mission, where we intentionally pursue authentic community with one another. 

COVID-19 Considerations

We're committed to a Summer Mission experience that is both wise for participants and loving towards the local community given the level of COVID-19 realities. We've prepared contigency plans for multiple levels of COVID-19 spread, though we're very hopeful about realities on the ground due to wide-spread vaccine availability. In addition, the vast majority of our Summer Mission activities happen in the outdoors, (even our meals happen in a giant outdoor pavilion!) 

For more information on our protocols and preparation, please contact

Our ministry focus are the coworkers you meet, and the hundreds international students from all over the world come to Gatlinburg to work each summer. Our outreach to them involves building friendships, just having fun, as we share the gospel. You truly will have the opportunity to reach the nations for Christ on the Smoky Mountain Summer Mission.

Join us for a Summer in the Smokies. We'd love to have you!

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