Badlands Summer Mission

Tucked into the Badlands of western North Dakota is a small cowboy town called Medora.  Every summer, hundreds of people from dozens of nations flock here to work at this tourist destination.  Many of them have no idea who Jesus is.

On the Badlands summer mission, you are guaranteed a full-time job.  You will experience the gospel in a new way and share your faith in the context of cultivating relationships with your many non-summer mission coworkers.  It is likely you will disciple many of those with whom you share the gospel.  Experiencing this gospel lifestyle will transfer well when you return to campus and help you make disciples for the rest of your life.

Weekly trainings and small groups are designed to help you grow in leadership and spiritual maturity.  In addition, you will have the whole summer to enjoy the town.  The stark beauty of the Badlands in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park will be at your doorstep, and you will learn more about the man whose own experience working on a ranch in the Badlands affected him in a life-changing way before he became president.  

In your free time, explore all that Medora has to offer: horseback riding, biking and hiking in the National Park, the Medora musical, the Pitchfork Fondue, among other things.

Important notes:  

        •   You may be able to earn internship credit if you work in a qualifying job that relates to your major.  Apply before January 1 if you are interested in exploring this option.

        •  Although you are guaranteed a job through our partnership with the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, it is important that you communicate with them as any other potential employer and be responsive to their requests.  They will be contacting you to determine your final end date for employment, as their needs for employees continue through the end of August.

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