Inner City: Chicago


The City: Chicago is a world-class city of 3 million people, and contains people from every country of the world in its 77 different communities. Because of the many different cultural groups, the opportunities for exploration and for ministry are endless. During the summer you will get a chance to spend time ministering in various communities and among various ethnic groups in the city. You will grow in your ability to relate cross-culturally as you spend time interacting with people of all different cultures: Whites, Latinos, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans. Of course there will also be time to explore many of the famous landmarks of Chicago including one of the tall sky scrapers, Millenium Park, Wrigley Field, the Art Institute, and the lake front.

**The application deadline is Tuesday, April 20th.

Finances: Basic housing and living expenses are covered in the cost of the trip. Scholarships are available for Chicagoland residents and ethnic minorities. Please contact mission leadership directly. You will be coached on how to raise financial support to cover the cost of the mission. If you raise the full cost of the trip you will receive a stipend of up to $500 at the end of the summer. 

The Project: You will have the opportunity to share your faith each week in a variety of settings. One week may be in a Summer Day Camp for African-American children. The next week you may be praying for people on their way to court appointments. Many of the ministries will focus on helping to raise up a new generation of godly young leaders in their neighborhood.During the evenings we will also have trainings and small groups that focus on issues of social justice, racial unity, God's love for the poor, effective evangelism strategies, leadership development, and gaining a deeper passion for God. We will have many creative urban outreaches and have opportunities to worship at various urban churches on the weekends. You will also be paired up with a staff member for one-on-one discipleship. Inner City: Chicago summer mission is a great mixture of cross-cultural ministry, social justice, evangelism, discipleship, and FUN! 

Details about how this summer mission will operate in the midst of Covid-19 are coming.  We will take every precaution to keep student participants healthy and safe, and will follow the local CDC guidelines.  

The Training: Be prepared to grow in a number of different ways this summer! You will gain experience in evangelism, cross-cultural ministry, and in ministry to the poor. You will have time to hear from urban pastors and missionaries on a variety of topics such as social justice and racial unity. We will also spend time learning about the Spirit-filled life, how to share our testimony with others, and  how to live an abundant life. You will spend time each week in a small group of peers and also have the opportunity of being discipled one-on-one. We also help each person learn how to take back what they learn during the summer to their campus and community.

University Internship Credit Option: Your University may grant internship credit for your inner city summer community experience. This is especially true of those majoring in Sociology, Psychology, Elem. or Sec. Education, Early Childhood Development, or Social Work. Students must petition thier school's department and satisfy any application fees. Typical schools require students to keep a daily journal of their experience and submit a paper highlighting specific aspects of their summer effort. The Cru staff will act as your on-sight internship advisor, and will verify your learning experience to the college.


In order to participate in this summer mission, students must either complete a 10-day quarantine prior to Summer Mission, or take a Covid test and receive a negative result (including quarantining after taking the Covid test until arriving at summer mission) within 72 hours of arriving at Summer Mission. 

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