Ocean City, New Jersey

Do you want to grow in your faith, learn how to share your faith with others and be developed as a leader along with leading students from across the country? How does a summer living 2 blocks from the ocean sound? Get a job, make some money, live in community with over 80 college students and be challenged weekly by teaching in the word: this is Ocean City, New Jersey Summer Mission.

This Summer Mission is open to both Semester School students and Quarter School students.  Semester students are expected to arrive on Tuesday, May 29, 2018 and leave on Thursday, August 9, 2017. Quarter students are expected to arrive soon after their last final is completed, no later than June 9th or June 16th (depending on your school schedule) and stay until Thursday, August 9, 2017. 

The Ocean City Summer Mission has a heritage dating back to 1967. We are a large Summer Mission with students from all over the United States and the world, and we have a strong international emphasis. The Ocean City Summer Mission attracts a highly motivated student who wants to be on the cutting edge of faith. The mission has become known as a developer of leaders. We are not a slow-paced Summer Mission, and you will be challenged in your use of time. We place a high priority on building men and women of the Word by providing excellent biblical teaching. Want to grow?  One of the strategic aspects of our outreaches is that each summer graduating seniors from the surrounding states come to Ocean City, so we find ourselves talking to next year’s freshman class! 

Please note: The cost of the project includes breakfasts and Three dinners a week, as well as housing.

We all live together in a large, renovated inn designed specifically for our mission. Everything contributes to an environment conducive to quality relationships and lots of fun. The city is safe, and the church we attend loves the project, which they actually helped start several years ago. Employers also save jobs for our students each year. Come to Ocean City for a challenging and memorable summer!

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