Wildwood is a multinational beach mission on the New Jersey shore. It is 'multinational' because of the unique experience  we have to share our lives and the gospel with the thousands of international college students who have arrived for the summer to work on the beach in Wildwood from Azerbaijan, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Greece, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Romania, Russia, Turkey, and lots more.


At Wildwood Summer Mission, we are committed to two things:

Treasuring Jesus.

and Changing the World.


We are convinced that, as we see Jesus for who he truly is, as our hearts are captivated to worship him more deeply, and as we Treasure Jesus more dearly, we will be compelled to Change the World. We won’t be able to help BUT share the gospel with our friends, to bring justice to the unjust, to redeem the things that are broken, and to, quite literally, change the face of the entire world around us.


Wildwood Summer Mission is designed in such a way that we desire to see students experience Jesus richly, and set every student up to live the rest of their lives on mission. Wherever you go, whatever you do, we want to equip you to Change the World with the gospel right where you are.


At Wildwood Summer Mission, you will experience a community of men and women who may just change your life, you'll eat fried Oreos, you’ll laugh ‘til you pee your pants, you’ll get to lay out on the beach, you'll play your heart out, you’ll get to (literally) change the world as you interact with THOUSANDS of international students, you’ll get a summer job, you’ll build relationships with those who don’t know Christ and you’ll walk with them on their spiritual journey, you’ll have a spiritual mentor, you’ll learn how to share Christ with your friends, you’ll worship alongside like-minded friends, you'll experience the Word with fresh perspective, you’ll see people come to faith in Christ, and you may even consider it “the summer that changed everything.” You'll get a job for 30 hours/week and make money on this mission.

The ministry focus includes all aspects of sharing your faith, with the highest emphasis on relational evangelism as well as a balanced amount of initiative/ministry evangelism similar to Big Break and group evangelism at BBQs and Large Assemblies.


Take a risk. Come with us. You won’t regret it.






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