Come grow your faith, grow your friendships, and grow your impact on Miami Summer Mission.  You will live in the city with 60 of your closest friends exploring cultures and discovering how God can be present in your life in condos, on campuses, and in city parks. 

In Miami you’ll be able to work (tuition isn’t free), but also develop a heart and skills to share Jesus with your co-workers.  You will join a campus team one day a week to help build up Cru movements and connect with students on campuses with little or no Christian presence.  Get deep with your small group.  Worship the God you’re discovering each day with us and with diverse church communities.  Adventure with us on the beaches, islands, and rivers of South Florida.  Learn to love your roommates (other Cru students from all over the country).  Learn to love people from many different cultures and backgrounds. 

Chances are you’ll live in a city after you graduate.  Why not discover how to be part of what God is doing in a city now?       


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