Guatemala Agriculture Summer Mission (Unto)

Are you passionate about the Great Commission (Matt 28:19-20) as well as natural sciences, community development and sustainability?
Within the Humanitarian aid world, the concern is are we creating sustainable communities or dependency problems.
Unto is the humanitarian branch of Cru, an international ministry that creates movements everywhere, so that everyone knows someone who truly follows Jesus . Unto serves in the toughest places on earth to relieve suffering, restore dignity, and reveal the hope of Jesus. One of the ways we do this is through agriculture workshops.
We serve farmers from all scales and backgrounds to come alongside them by relieving food insecurity, empowering people through agricultural education, and revealing hope. Our workshops include components such as raised garden beds, composting, nutrition, drip irrigation kits, and pest management. We also adopt our workshops considering what the specific community needs help with.
You can help relieve the suffering of people in Guatemala who struggle to make a living as subsistence farmers. The biggest challenges for Guatemalan farmers are changing markets, commercialized competition, and poor practices. By joining the Agriculture Summer Mission with Unto ®, you have the opportunity to teach communities about how they can increase their yield, and farm more sustainably. You will see firsthand the practical and spiritual impact your agriculture, soil science, or natural science passion/education can have on a community.
In addition to participating workshops, you will explore ways to integrate ministry into your career as you spend time with local Cru ® staff members sharing the hope of Jesus with people in the heart of Guatemala. We will run four-day trainings in villages, teaching families techniques to grow more while restoring soil for future generations.
Applications are open to all Quarter school students! Click apply to submit an application to join us this summer in Guatemala!
*Please note that your support goal covers your international flight, but the cost of your travel to the team departure airport will be your responsibility. If you raise extra support, you are able to submit a form to be reimbursed for some or all of your personal payment for this expense. The application deadline is Monday, April 24th, 2023.*
*Cost is still to be determined*
*Open to only Quarter school students*

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