France: Toulouse

France is a beautiful country with a deeply rich history and culture - cuisine, art, fashion, literature, philosophy, engineering, architecture and more. 


The people of France are as fascinating as the country. They are filled with deep thoughts and convictions and love to discuss and debate ideas. This makes France an exciting place to do ministry. 


Though this traditionally Catholic country has abandoned its roots of faith and has essentially mobilized a strike against God, there is hope! Many are curious and spiritually seeking, but don’t know where to turn. There is great opportunity to teach the people of France about their Creator and Heavenly Father.

The Summer Mission will be in the beautiful and historic city of Toulouse is located in the heart of southwest France, half way between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, not far from the Pyrenees Mountains. Toulouse is the home to 120,000 students in the university system. During the Summer Mission we will have spiritual conversations, build relationships, and share the gospel with students on the 3 main universities in Toulouse. 

The Summer Mission will spend 3 weeks in Toulouse learning the culture and doing ministry with students. The trip will wrap up with a week in Paris, doing ministry with international students at the Cité Universitaire, as well as doing some site-seeing.

The Toulouse, France Summer Mission will be a great opportunity to grow in taking steps of faith to engage in spiritual conversations, build relationships, and help you gain a deeper understanding of God's heart for the world.

Come join us in Toulouse!

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