Colombia: Barranquilla (VA, MD, DE, DC)

Barranquilla, Colombia is a large city on the Caribbean coast with beautiful beach weather all year round, tropical flowers, and fruit abundant everywhere. And of course, you can drink the infamous and amazing Colombian coffee on every street corner.


Most importantly though, Barranquilla is also home to thousands of college students. Meaning the opportunity to reach students with the Gospel is immense. The Colombian Cru staff invite you to help them reach every one of these students.


Every week you will go on campus and meet new students who are open and hungry to have a deep conversation about their beliefs and Jesus Christ. Almost every week we hear a student say, “oh wow I didn’t know that’s what Christ’s death was all about”. Currently there is a small group of students in Barranquilla, excited to reach their campus and are looking to launch new Gospel movements on several different campuses where there is no Christian presence.


Not only will you be reaching college students with the message of Jesus but you will have the opportunity to serve vulnerable communities in Colombia as well. In Bogota, Cru staff are doing work with two orphanages, also with families in a very underprivileged sector of Bogotá called Cazucá, and among Venezuelan immigrant families who are literally trying to survive everyday. In Barranquilla we are looking to set up similar opportunities for our Summer Mission Trips.


We invite you to take a step of faith and join us for a 4-week Summer Mission in Barranquilla, home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, home to the National Soccer team of Colombia, and home to many students ready to hear the truth of the gospel!


Dates and Cost are subject to change.

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