International Digital Summer Mission - Central and Eastern Europe (Russia)

We're shooting for a 2-week "sprint" starting Monday, June 15th. Our goal is to connect a small (5-20) group of students from around the country for encouragement and connection. Our ministry focus will be on digital ministry strategies that can be applied both locally and globally. With fall classes (likely) moving somewhat or mostly online, we'll be looking at ways to connect to students on our own campuses. We'll also be partnering with Cru in Moscow who will be identifying Russian students who are interested in a cultural exchange with Americans. Many are also interested in exploring deeper questions about life and spirituality. Our friends in Moscow are very excited to create these venues that will provide us opportunities to share Christ internationally. 
So, we're looking at about 6 main Zoom gatherings for vision, training, prayer, etc. with some additional (Lord-willing) connections with Russian students that can be scheduled individually. A lot of this is new territory, so we'll all be learning together. We're excited to see what ministry opportunities God provides and learn some new skills along the way!

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