Theology for Students - Session 1

Your free, online summer theology course to take you deeper with God and His Word.


Have you ever wanted to know WHY you believe what you believe? 

This summer, Cru is offering a free theological training course for you to learn together with other college students. Summer of Theology will give you a deeper understanding of God and his word. 


We know there’s not a lot of time to study theology during the school year, but this summer you can.  

You want to go deeper in your study to see if you can be both missional and academically rigorous. Cru has partnered with some of the best seminaries in the world to help Cru staff be theologically equipped to stay on mission for a lifetime. We call it CoreDoctrine. Now we’re offering it to students and have designed a “Summer of Theology” for students like you.


During the Summer of Theology you will: 

  • Have free access to the CoreDoctrine theology resources.

  • Learn together with a coach and peer coaching group.

  • Gain a foundation of Christian doctrine integrated with living on mission.


Time Requirements/Expectations:

  • Total Time: 3-4 hours a week which includes:

  • 90-120 minutes of individual experience of the Summer of Theology curriculum 

  • 60-90 minutes on a weekly coaching call with other students and your Summer of Theology Coach
  • Your coach will work with you and the other students in your coaching group to find a weekly appointment that works with your other responsibilities.


 To register for Summer of Theology, click “Apply” above.

If you join us:

  • You will finally have time to study theology, with a trusted guide.

  • You will learn with others that your faith has depth and academic rigor. 

  • You will gain a foundation for a lifetime of knowing God and serving others. 

This might be your best opportunity to study theology with your friends and peers!


To register for Summer of Theology, click “Apply” below.

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