US Digital Summer Mission

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Let's grow in faith together, and continue to make an impact for Christ! YOU will make a difference this summer.


So, all your plans have changed and you’re stuck at home for the summer of COVID-19. You were hoping to go on a mission trip, but now you’re at home wondering, what do I do now? We know you’ve likely already been dreaming and crafting a vision for your summer mission and we want that vision to be true through this year!

The mission God has called us to has not changed... even though the world is. Together, we aim to win, build, and send multiplying disciples... now digitally! In fact, our hearts may feel a deeper urgency now, more than ever before, to make Jesus known.  

You can still make a difference!

Cru has helped thousands of students grow in their faith every summer and we are here for you to help you grow and take steps of faith this summer despite the global pandemic.


Our US Digital Summer Mission will have three connected components:



We’ll dive into experiencing the power of prayer, of God’s Word and promises, and the power of the Holy Spirit


We’ll journey with you as you look to the future and ask, “What is God’s will for my life?”


We’ll lean into God’s heart for the lost and the world, with a specific focus in natural mode evangelism. We'll also use social media to share about Jesus and His transforming power. 

All of this will be done in the context of community - the key part is that you along with other students will be placed in a peer-to-peer discipleship group.


You’ll dive deep into the word together, share what you're learning, how you're growing and what steps of faith you're taking together.


Summer 2020: The summer we will look back to and remember how God worked through screens...


Digital Summer Mission 2020:

  • You will grow in your faith

  • You will not be alone

  • You will participate in God’s mission and cast a wider net to reach "the many" that are seeking faith



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