Unto: (GAiN) Zimbabwe Agriculture Trip

Last year drought plagued Zimbabwe, making it extremely difficult for many people living in rural villages to grow crops and provide for their families. This year the opposite is true — too much rain created problems with crops. Together with Unto™ field partners, you can work alongside villagers to help them improve their garden yield.

Unto works with local partners to help them serve their communities. By joining this team, you will work in one of these communities to install a bucket drip-irrigation system and create a community garden. This drip-irrigation system will help families grow food and feed their families during drought or other poor conditions. They can sell surplus produce and use the profits to pay school fees, buy clothes, and purchase other necessities. This irrigation project can serve as a model for other gardens in the community.

Join our team as we work to help increase the ability of our local partners to build relationships and share the hope of Jesus with those around them.

No previous agricultural or technical experience is necessary, but you must be willing to get your hands dirty as, together, we create the drip-irrigation system and community garden.

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