Central Africa Vision Clinics

This French-speaking African country sits between the Sahara and the savanna. The hot, dry climate makes resources scarce, resulting in widespread poverty. Local Unto™ partners work in remote areas to provide people with resources such as water wells, irrigation kits, and food. You can help with an additional need by supplying eyeglasses to many who are unable to obtain or afford them on their own.

As a team member, you will travel to a rural village to host an eyeglass clinic. You will meet with people one-to-one to assess their vision and provide glasses for them. As you spend time with them, you have the opportunity to show them the kindness of Jesus. By providing glasses through these clinics you help our partners build stronger relationships in the villages so they can continue to meet critical needs and share the hope of Jesus.

No medical experience is required. Trip participants will receive training for eyeglass fittings at the beginning of the trip.

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