Jesus Film African Adventure Chad (1519) April

Experience Chad, a beautiful central African country encompassing part of the Sahara desert and rimmed with mountains. Our stay will be near the shores of Lake Chad, an inland sea nestled against the mountains. With Chad’s rugged terrain and tribal villages, be prepared for adventure!

Two hundred ethnic groups speaking 120 different tribal languages comprise Chad’s diverse cultures. Freedom of religion allows followers of Islam, Christ, as well as African folklore, and animism to practice their traditions. Step out in faith to bring the gospel to people of various tongues and backgrounds!

The need is great, and the opportunity is now. Join our team to encourage and train local believers, and as we set up the large outdoor screen, fire up the generator, press play on the projector, and watch hundreds of people hear the gospel story in their own language.

NOTE: A travel visa fee of $284 will need to be paid by February 10; and the visa application will take six weeks prior to departure.

The airfare purchase (market price) is in addition to the trip cost price of $1,275.

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