South France Summer Mission

Once the cradle of Christianity, France is now the most secular nation in Europe. A full 40% are atheists and another 27% acknowledge that some sort of spiritual force exists. The number of Muslims is increasing steadily and only 5% of the population could be classified as practicing Christians (going to church an average of once a month).


Among university students, only 1 out of every 500 believes in Jesus. France is tied for the highest rate of youth suicide in Europe. Young people in France are looking for hope, and many are curious about Christianity and religion, but don’t have anyone with whom they can talk about such matters.


Would you please prayerfully consider coming to France to share the hope of Jesus with these students? Knowing French is not necessary, but is helpful for getting around and for starting conversations. Many speak some English but are hesitant to speak unless the other first makes the effort to speak their language. We invite you to come help us reach the unreached students in the South of France. Help bring the Gospel back those who helped to bring it to your ancestors!

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