Jesus Film African Adventure Liberia (1539) May

Beautiful, lush rainforests and white-sand beaches stand in stark contrast to the dark spiritual climate after years of conflict and suffering from civil war. Liberia is home to many believers, weary from years of pain yet eager to reach out to their neighbors. Their joy-in-Christ amidst suffering is a sweet testimony to the truth of the gospel. 

The Liberian church desires to be a beacon of hope to those who are seeking clarity in a clearly broken world. Join us as we seek to encourage our Liberian brothers and sisters by training them in evangelism using highly effective Jesus Film Project® discipleship resources. Help equip and mobilize the Liberian church in reaching hearts darkened by the lies of their traditional religions. In partnership, we can show that only the truth of Christ can heal these hurting people spiritually. 

  • This is a family-friendly mission trip - for ages 12 and above, accompanied by their parent.

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