Teach with Cru - North Africa

Perched on the northwest corner of North Africa, this location is known to be the crossroads of Europe, Africa, and the Arab world. In 2014, their Prime Minister announced that the country would switch from French to English as the primary language of instruction in higher education. This switch has opened windows of opportunity to teach in this beautiful country.


Students here are also willing to question the traditions they are being brought up in and in a program where there is ample time spent with students both in and outside of the classroom, opportunities to develop friendships and share life come easily and often. 


After a week of orientation in a nearby country, you and your team will move to your teaching location in beautiful city located right on the coast. During the week, you and your team will teach students ages 12-18 at a local university where you’ll work alongside university students who are interning with the program. When you are not teaching, you will explore the cultural sites in the region, spend time in fellowship with your team, and prepare lessons for the following day.

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