Teach with Cru - East Asia

Home to one of the largest populations on the planet, this country is known as being the longest, continuous civilization on earth. Young students in here work extremely hard to prepare for their future and much of this hope for their future falls into exam results. As an English teacher, you have the opportunity to encourage these students that their worth is not in their test scores and that they are unique, creative, and loved individuals.


The program consists of a 9-day English program teaching middle and high school students. After 5 days of orientation and site visits in the capital, you will move to your teaching location for the summer and will have a few days to get to know the school, your hosts, and the area you will live in before you start teaching. You will be in the classroom for a few hours a day, and when you’re not teaching, you will prepare lessons, rest, spend time in fellowship with your team, and visit some of the incredible sites the region has to offer. Unique to this program is the opportunity to go on a vision trip to another city in the country to visit a long-term team. This is a great opportunity to see what life looks like for those who live here full time

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