AIA Beach Project

Beach Project is a 10-day life-changing adventure targeted at equipping you to be a spiritual leader back on your campus. You will learn how to take your relationship with God and your performance as an athlete to the next level. Join us on this spiritual adventure with 50+ athletes at the beach!


Days 1-4: You will learn how to blend faith and sport together on the field of competition. You will learn five Biblical Principles that apply to sport and life. Then put those principles to the test each day and finish with a 20-hour sports marathon known as The S.P.E.C.I.A.L. 


Days 5-10: During the second week, we will equip you to become a "spiritual team captain" when you return to your campus. We will help you learn how to discover what God is saying to you and what you are going to do about it. You will learn how to study your Bible, engage in spiritual conversations, share Christ with others, and help others grow in their walk with God. 



The $1,295 covers food, housing, materials, and all other costs associated with Beach Project. You are responsible for your travel and food to and from the Beach Project. To sign up pay $95 then the remaining $1,200 is due when you arrive. We will coach you on how to raise the money for this trip. Our BP staff or your local AIA staff will help you.


Internship: For an even greater leadership development experience, consider applying to serve as an intern on Beach Project. You will be leading small groups throughout the 10 days. We will have a total of 10 internship positions available. Register here to apply for an internship. NOTE: You must have attended AIA's Ultimate Training Camp or another AIA summer opportunity to be considered for an internship. Interns are required to arrive two days earlier.

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