Jesus Film African Adventure Guinea-Bissau (1486) Dec 2019

On the beautiful west coast of Africa lies the Portuguese-speaking country of Guinea-Bissau. The land buzzes with joy, even though daily life is tough. The jokes here, like the music, are loud but tender. A country historically steeped in ancestor worship mixed with other religious traditions and beleaguered with political unrest, Bissau-Guineans desperately need to hear about the love of Christ. 

The ministry leaders desire to establish an ongoing Campus Crusade for Christ® presence in this beautiful country. Our primary mission will be to support the local staff as they forge a partnership with churches to spread the good news throughout their land and beyond.

Join us in expanding God’s kingdom as we train pastors and volunteers in using the Jesus Film Project® app on smartphones and media devices. Venture out at night into nearby rural villages to show the JESUS film. We will establish a core group of Christians who are trained and equipped to reach out to nonbelievers after our team has returned home. Will you join us as we help bring the love and peace of Jesus to the Bissau-Guineans?

Airfare and travel visa not included.

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