Spain: Madrid


Madrid, a dynamic city of 5 million people, is the capital of Spain. It is a political, business, sports, and cultural center for the nation. Moreover, it is also the educational center of Spain with 14 universities and over 500,000 students. 

Cru in Spain has a movement on the Complutense University (around 100,000 students), but needs help in reaching the many other universities and students. Only 1 % of Spain is Protestant-evangelical and less and less of the population identify with the Catholic church. This means that most university students don’t know anyone who follows Jesus Christ. Cru in Spain believes we are called to Make Jesus Known and that God is at work on the university.

Join us in Madrid to share the gospel with Spanish students, surface new student leaders, and launch new movements on new campuses. You will have the opportunity to work alongside Cru Spain staff and student leaders in making Jesus known. 

Come and fall in love with the amazing people of Spain and make an eternal impact.

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