Jesus Film Urban Mountain Adventure North (1471) Sep

In the shadow of the mountains along the Silk Road, descendants of a small Asian people group reside. Even though Christian evangelists brought the gospel along the trade route long ago, other religions and decades of Soviet control have deeply impacted the spiritual climate. Today, very few people living in this region have seen or heard of Jesus.

Our team will collaborate with the local ministry to form relationships with university students and young professionals through a variety of activities, including hosting conversational English clubs, viewing short films using the Jesus Film Project® app, and sharing our testimonies. Building on those relationships, we will look for opportunities to share the gospel. After we leave, our local team will continue to build relationships with students showing an interest in spiritual issues.

If you desire to serve along national believers by bringing the message of Jesus to those who haven’t yet had the opportunity to hear, this trip is for you. Come and help us build friendships that grow beyond the classroom setting.

[Estimated trip cost is $1400 plus airfare.]

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