Middle East: StoryRunners/Storytelling

Do you share Paul’s desire “to preach the gospel where Christ was not known” (Romans 15:20)?  

Do you want to tell the story of Jesus to people in a country that is "one of the largest un-evangelized countries in the world?” This nation has 6000 Christians at most.  Recent events have increased the spiritual hunger of these people, but they are not finding answers in their religion or in secularism.  They are ripe to hear the gospel and they prefer to hear it through the stories of Jesus!

 Can you see yourself in this country’s cultural and business hub, where many people speak English, reaching people on campus, in the community, in the marketplace?  Would you like to improve your ability to begin conversations as you use a Bible storytelling approach to initiate spiritual discussions with people who are seeking truth? Do you want to learn to connect your faith and your spiritual story to the lives of the people you meet?  Would you like to learn ministry skills to take back to your campus, church and community?  Do you dream of making friends from around the world?  Can you imagine experiencing God’s love with a community of people who are following Jesus together? 

 You will grow spiritually and relationally and as a leader while you enjoy the natural beauty of this city, you are blessed by the hospitality and the friendliness of the local people, you are transformed by a vision for reaching millions of lost people, and you help national believers reach their country with the love of Jesus.

 How do you want to spend the first month of your summer?


* Operation World Handbook for Prayer

Dates may shift 1-2 days in either direction.  $250 deposit due 1 week after acceptance. 

Cost does not include transportation to Orlando for orientation.

You will receive a decision within 2 weeks of submitting an application with completed references, so don't wait until  the application deadline (February 15) because the team will probably be completed by then.  

For more information, email and mention the Middle East summer mission.

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