Western Asia (IL)

Where East meets West, where the Middle East meets Asia, a place where very few students have ever met someone who follows Jesus. Join with local staff and believing students in learning a new culture, making new friends, and sharing stories of Jesus and His work in your life with people who have never had an opportunity to experience knowing God in this way before.

We'll take new local friends along with us to visit beautiful sites- from ancient silk road caravan stops to ultra-modern skyscrapers and shopping malls. Sit down and drink tea or share a local snack and learn what faith means to your new friend while you share stories of what Jesus has done in your own life. Part of our trip will also include joining local workers and students as we travel up into the beautiful and remote mountainous areas of the country. We'll behold the beauty of God's creation while praying and sharing strategically with un-reached people in these areas- who often have even less access to the Gospel than the people who live in the capital.

This people group has seen tremendous geopolitical changes over the past 3 years.  These changes have left many students asking questions and re-evaluating the world around them. This is a strategic time window to join along with local and long-term staff in reaching out to this warm and hospitable group of people.  This is a nation which is also poised to spread the fire of the gospel to surrounding nations where their language, nationality, and background would open doors that are tightly closed to people from the West. Come help fan the flames! 

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