Greece Refugee Care - GAiN

For the past couple of years, news broadcasts have been filled with stories of violence in the Middle East — especially Syria — and of the resulting refugee crisis.  Men, women, and children flee from their homes, jobs, and friends hoping to escape war and poverty. More than 1 million refugees traveled through Turkey, piled into small, overcrowded rubber boats, and faced the dangerous journey across the Aegean Sea to the shores of Greece. They hope to pass through the islands and continue on into Europe.

However, most European countries have closed their borders leaving the refugees trapped in camps — unable to continue on and powerless to return home.  These camps face an overwhelming need for volunteers to help and show love to the refugees.

Join GAiN during winter break as we partner with a local organization to serve in a camp on the Greek island which houses the most refugees. We will help meet physical needs and express the love of Jesus Christ through our actions.

Work will include distributing aid such as blankets or food, serving as security guards, or doing manual labor and chores in the camp. As we serve, we will show the refugees that they are loved and cared for.

Participants on this trip must be 18 or older to work in the camp. Work will be physically taxing —participants must be able to work on their feet eight hours at a time.

The trip costs does not include airfare. We will plan travel then send you the information to contact the travel agent and pay directly. Through the travel agent, you will be able to arrange both your domestic and international travel. Arranging travel in this way lowers flight costs and allows you to book “through” travel straight from your home airport while still traveling with the team internationally. Financial support can be raised to cover the cost of your flights as well. 

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